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Reinstatement after surrender or revocation of your DEA Registration

In a prior post (November 26, 2015) I wrote about reinstatement of medical licenses for physicians, pharmacists, and nurses after revocation by (or surrender to) the Oregon State Board of Nursing, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, or the Oregon Medical Board. Today I want to add that in the right circumstances, reinstatement of your DEA Registration by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), is also possible.

Key considerations that a DEA Registration lawyer can help you with

I have guided one physician through reinstatement of her DEA Registration after it was revoked and that experience was like most other reinstatement applications. There are numerous issues to consider before reapplying and a licensure lawyer with DEA Registration experience can guide you through the analysis. For example, reinstatement of a DEA Registration is more likely if the DEA Registration was surrendered or revoked through an administrative proceeding (which is a civil proceeding), as opposed to a criminal proceeding. This should come as no surprise.

Also, if your DEA Registration was revoked, it will be necessary to wait-out the proscribed period of time before reapplying, and if your DEA Registration was surrendered, it will be necessary to wait-out the agreed upon period of time (if such an agreement was reached) before applying for reinstatement, and whatever the circumstances that led to the surrender or revocation of your DEA Registration should be addressed too. If you are smart and plan ahead, the wait period can be used to address or correct whatever it was that led to the surrender or revocation of your DEA Registration in the first place.

Be aware that the online application to reinstate your DEA Registration is designed to solicit full disclosure, and you will be required to disclose the history that led to the surrender or revocation of your DEA registration. Explanations will be required too. Explanations should be carefully constructed, well in advance; the moment of your online application is no time for experimenting with answers, phrasings, etc.

Know that because you will have answered “yes” to the disclosure questions, a larger review will be triggered. Your answers and explanations will need to be complete and accurate (but without saying more) to withstand the heightened level of scrutiny that will be imposed. Finally, you should expect to be interviewed by drug diversion agents before your application to reinstate your DEA Registration will be granted or denied. Such interviews are in-person and recorded. These interviews require thoughtful and detailed preparations; this is not a time to casually “show up and see what the questions are.” An experienced DEA attorney will know what concerns the DEA and can help you anticipate the questions and provide complete, accurate, and helpful answers.

A second chance for a DEA Registration is rare – don’t waste it

A second chance to possess a DEA Registration is rare and the process is complex. You will be dealing with administrative law, DEA lawyers, and drug diversion investigators. Do not waste your opportunity for reinstatement. Plan ahead, obtain competent legal advice, and do not delay seeking competent legal advice until you know things are going badly. By then, the common mistakes will have been made and you will have lessened your odds of success.