If you are under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and/or the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, lawyer Eli Stutsman may be able to help.

Your best strategy when defending your pharmacist’s license, or your pharmacy’s DEA Registration, is to obtain an experienced pharmacist’s lawyer from the start. Do not delay retaining an experienced pharmacist’s lawyer until after you have submitted your written statement or been interviewed by one or more pharmacy inspectors. Most certainly, do not delay retaining an experienced pharmacist’s attorney until after you receive a Notice of Proposed Discipline. By this time, the investigation is over, one or more pharmacy inspectors have drawn their conclusions, and the members of the Board of Pharmacy have voted. In other words, many minds have been made up. While in some cases it is possible to obtain significant concessions at this late point in the investigation, it is always much more time consuming, difficult, and expensive. Never forget that if you make factual or legal mistakes during the investigation, or mishandle the investigation by being argumentative, elusive, or uncooperative, you may have effectively “lost” your case before you ever consult with a lawyer. Do not make this mistake. The best results are almost always obtained when an experienced attorney is retained soon after the start of the investigation.

An experienced Oregon Board of Pharmacy attorney will help you avoid many common mistakes. For more information, call Eli Stutsman at 503 274-4048, to learn more about his licensure practice.