Eli Stutsman defends licensed health care professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, before state licensing boards and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Such attorneys are occasionally referred to as a licensure attorney.

The range of sanctions

If you are facing an investigation by your licensing board, you may be professionally sanctioned or disciplined. Sanctions include being reprimanded; having your license to practice medicine, pharmacy, nursing or other profession temporarily suspended, indefinitely suspended, or permanently suspended; or having your license to practice medicine, pharmacy, nursing, or other profession permanently revoked. Sanctions further include monetary fines, continuing education, recurrent training, the imposition of a mentor and monitoring, and periods of probation (five years is not uncommon). One or more sanctions, in combination, may be imposed by your licensing Board, as the Board sees fit.

Illicit drug use; fitness to practice

If illicit drug use or abuse is involved, then you should expect, at a minimum, to complete an assessment and the recommended drug treatment necessary to restore your health. If your fitness to practice as a physician, pharmacist, or nurse is at issue, these assessments may be extensive and expensive, and may require travel to an approved facility.

The Board’s concern

The general concerns of all healthcare licensing Boards is to ensure patient safety and the competency of the individual practitioner. If a pharmacy is involved, the Board of Pharmacy will further seek to ensure the security of the drug inventory.

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