Eli Stutsman defends licensed health care professionals, including nurses, before state licensing boards and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Such attorneys are occasionally referred to as a nursing board attorney.

Obtain competent experienced legal counsel at the start

In order to obtain a favorable outcome, it is necessary to participate in the process from the onset — during the initial investigation — before conclusions about your practice have been established, and your opportunity to participate and influence proposed findings and sanctions is lost.

Your best strategy when defending your nursing license or your DEA Registration (if you are prescribing nurse) is to obtain legal counsel from the start. Do not put off obtaining legal advice. Most certainly, do not wait to defend yourself until you receive a notice of proposed discipline, a notice of hearing or, worse, when your case is on appeal. The best results are almost always obtained long before that, during, and soon after, the initial investigation. For these reasons, get competent legal advice at the beginning, before you do anything else.

Call to learn more if your license to practice nursing is under investigation

Nursing board attorney Eli Stutsman may be able to help. Review this website for more information, or to call Eli Stutsman, at 503 274-4048, to learn more about his nursing licensure practice.

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