Eli Stutsman defends medical licenses in Oregon, representing physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, before state licensing boards.

Today most licensed healthcare professionals work under constant pressure and scrutiny, and few things are more disruptive to a good night’s rest than the need to defend your medical license. If you are a physician, the subject matter of a Board complaint is often serious. If you are a retail pharmacist, your high-volume, fast-paced work environment will result in dispensing errors that may be reported to your licensing board. If you are a nurse, you likely provide the greatest part of a patient’s hands-on health care, often under demanding circumstances and much scrutiny.

Written statement regarding allegations

When defending your medical license, whether before the Board of Nursing, Board of Pharmacy, or Board of Medicine, you will be asked to provide a written statement and most often you will also be expected to attend a recorded interview, administered by one investigator if it is the Board of Nursing, two investigators if it is the Board of Pharmacy, or several members of the Board, if it is the Board of Medicine. If you act early, time will be on your side and guidance from an experienced licensure lawyer will relieve much of the stress associated with a Board investigation. An experienced licensure lawyer will help you prepare your written statement, and help you prepare for your interview. If more time is needed, an experienced licensure lawyer can often obtain more time for you. The defense of your medical license should always feel well managed and under control. In no event should you feel rushed or unprepared to meet deadlines.

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