If your medical license has been or soon will be suspended by emergency order of the Board of Medicine, you need competent legal advice immediately. These are unique proceedings. Time is very short if you want to challenge the emergency suspension of your medical license. Do not delay consulting competent legal counsel.

Immediate action is required to avoid an emergency suspension by the Board of Medicine

Most often a medical license is suspended upon stipulation (agreement) of the parties as part of a settlement, or upon conclusion of a “contested case” hearing, which is essentially a trial, without a jury, before an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. Occasionally, however, the Board of Medicine will seek an emergency suspension, while your investigation is still pending. In these relatively rare cases, the Board of Medicine has decided that it cannot wait until your case has resolved in the normal course, and that immediate Board action is necessary, usually to ensure public safety. The practitioner’s first awareness that he or she is facing an emergency suspension will likely be a phone call from one of the Board’s investigators, or a notice received in the mail. To avoid a threatened emergency suspension, it is necessary to take quick action, to negotiate another resolution, usually temporary restrictions on your license, or to proceed quickly to an interim hearing, and “win” a different resolution.

Call if your medical license has been or will be suspended

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