Eli Stutsman defends licensed nurses, before the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) and the Department of Human Services (DHS), in cases involving findings of patient abuse. Findings of patient abuse can be career ending, and you will need an experienced lawyer.

A finding of patient abuse: One incident resulting in two cases

Whenever DHS reaches a finding of patient abuse, DHS will seek to publish its finding in the registry maintained by the Board of Nursing. This may be a career-ending event for the nurse. It will also prompt the Board of Nursing to open its own investigation arising out of the same incident. Practically speaking, this means that the nurse will have to defend two cases, the first one initiated by DHS, and the second one initiated by the Board of Nursing.

Defend your nurse’s license

If you need to defend your nurse’s license, you are encouraged to call Eli Stutsman, at 503.274.4048, to learn more about his practice.

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