Occasionally, healthcare providers, including pharmacists, will seek to hire an employment law lawyer to handle their licensure needs, but this would require an unusual combination of two practice areas, and it may be difficult to find an employment law lawyer to assist a pharmacist with licensing issues.

For example, if your legal needs involve both your pharmacist’s license and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy (e.g., a Board complaint or investigation), you most likely need a pharmacist’s license attorney, usually referred to as a “licensure lawyer.”

In contrast, an employment law lawyer will handle, for example, discrimination cases arising out of wrongful discharge, race, disability, national origin, and age. An employment law lawyer will also handle retaliation claims ‚Äî for example, when an employer retaliates because the employee filed a civil rights claim, or a workers’ compensation claim, or the employee complained about unsafe working conditions, or applied for family medical leave, or opposed unlawful conduct such as a civil rights violation, sexual harassment, racial harassment, and other unlawful activities.

Eli Stutsman is is a licensure lawyer, not an employment law lawyer, but he can work in close association with your employment law lawyer, or refer you to a competent employment law lawyer, if you have that need as well.

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If you are facing an investigation by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, Lawyer Eli Stutsman has experience representing pharmacists before the Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). If you need a pharmacist’s license attorney, Eli Stutsman may be able to help. If you are uncertain as to whether you need an employment lawyer or a licensure lawyer, you are encouraged to call Eli Stutsman, at 503.274.4048, to learn more about his practice.

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