Reinstatement after surrender or revocation of your state medical license

There is a second chance

This week have I worked with a pharmacist and a nurse, both of whom are taking steps toward reinstatement of their licenses to practice pharmacy and nursing. In the nurse’s case, she surrendered her license just over a year ago. At that time, we negotiated a few key terms of reinstatement as part of a larger settlement.Today her application for reinstatement is pending. In the pharmacist’s case, his revocation was the recent result of taking his case to hearing, and losing. He retained me afterward. Despite his recent revocation, there was an extenuating fact or two and, only months after his revocation, he is taking the first steps necessary toward reinstatement.

Reinstatement after revocation or surrender is possible

Both the nurse and the pharmacist have reason to be hopeful about reinstatement. These are not pie-in-the-sky dreams in either case. In both cases, reinstatement is a very real possibility. On behalf of the nurse, I am working directly with the investigator at the Oregon State Board of nursing that accepted the nurse’s surrender of licensure just over one year ago. Similarly, on behalf of the pharmacist, I am working directly with the individual at the Oregon Board of Pharmacy most closely connected to the pharmacist’s revocation of licensure. These are very real and genuine discussions, with the representatives of each licensing Board being helpful and encouraging.

What you need to know

If you have surrendered your license, or lost your license to revocation, and you want to practice again, there is hope. In the two cases I mention above, the path to reinstatement will require approximately 18 months of earnest work. There are no tricks, and there is no magic, and whatever the circumstances that led to the surrender or revocation of your licensure, those circumstances will need to be fully addressed. Trust with your licensing Board will need to be fully reestablished.

How to get started

After surrender or revocation, your position is too weak and you are too emotionally involved to do this on your own. In the right circumstances, I can approach the licensing Board on your behalf, negotiate a potential reinstatement process, and then guide and represent you throughout that process. Nothing is guaranteed, however, and honest hard work will be required. If either one of us falters in this regard, your chances of reinstatement will be reduced.