Eli Stutsman defends licensed health care professionals, including nurses, in matters involving the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) and and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Such attorneys are occasionally referred to as a nursing board lawyer.

The start of a Board of Nursing investigation

When the Board of Nursing receives a complaint, it will open a file, assign a case number, and start its investigation. Most often, your first knowledge of the complaint to the Board is when you receive a letter from the Board requesting your written explanation of the circumstances prompting the complaint. Occasionally, you will have advance knowledge of a complaint, because the incident giving rise to the complaint is obvious, or you have been told a complaint would be filed.

Your first steps: retain legal counsel and avoid mistakes

Before doing anything else, you are urged to obtain competent legal counsel. The preparation and submission of your written statement is often the first and best opportunity to influence the Board of Nursing’s investigation. Unfortunately, it is also one of the first opportunities to make mistakes. Too often, licensed professionals will wait to obtain competent legal advice until after mistakes are made.

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