Eli Stutsman defends licensed health care professionals, including pharmacists, before the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). If your pharmacist’s license is under investigation, attorney Eli Stutsman may be able to help. A Board investigation involving your pharmacist’s license is a legal process driven by complex administrative (Oregon Board of Pharmacy law) and statutory law, and you are encouraged to seek legal advice immediately.

The range of sanctions

If you are under investigation by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, you may be at risk of professional discipline. Professional discipline may include being reprimanded or fined, the imposition of restrictions on your pharmacist’s license, having your pharmacist’s license temporarily or indefinitely suspended, the imposition of continuing education, recurrent training, a mentor and/or monitoring. Any discipline involving restrictions, recurrent training, a mentor and/or monitoring, will usually include a period of probation, ranging from three to five years. In the more difficult cases, you may also face the risk of having your pharmacist’s license permanently revoked. Remember, professional discipline is almost always reported to the National Data Bank and your pharmacist’s license in other states may be impacted. An experienced pharmacist’s lawyer can help you navigate this complex legal process and improve the odds of a good result.

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