It may be helpful to know the difference between employment law and licensure law. Although both employment law and licensure law issues arise in the workplace, and often involve the same or similar factual circumstances, there is a difference between employment law and licensure law, and how each type of case is approached.

Employment law lawyers

An employment law lawyer will handle, for example, discrimination and wrongful discharge cases, including cases involving race discrimination, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, national origin discrimination, age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and religious discrimination. An employment law lawyer will also review and negotiate employment contracts and severance agreements on behalf of executives and other employees. These are but a few examples.

A licensure lawyer

In comparison, as a licensure lawyer, Eli Stutsman represents licensed health care providers, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers in medical licensing matters before their state licensing boards, and DEA Registration matters before the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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