If you are facing an investigation by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, hiring a licensing lawyer is often an important first step. State licensing Board investigations can be challenging to navigate, and a licensing lawyer will be familiar with the process, and able to provide guidance and advice throughout the process. If you need to defend your nursing license, lawyer Eli Stutsman may be able to help – here’s a few examples of how.

First prepare yourself

Soon after an investigation is initiated by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, an investigator will contact you, seeking an interview or a written explanation of the circumstances underlying the complaint. It can be a big mistake, however, to provide an interview or written explanation spontaneously, without adequate time to collect your thoughts and prepare your answers. It is referable to have an experienced lawyer interview you first, and contact the investigator next, to develop your case before you do anything. These early preparations will focus the issues and assist your ability to answer questions in a constructive fashion.

Avoid common mistakes

Many decisions must be made during the course of an investigation, and some decisions may backfire. For example, it is tempting for some nurses to apply for a new nursing license in a nearby state as a “back-up license” in the event his or her Oregon license is suspended, restricted, or revoked by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. A new license application may, however, be a bad idea while an investigation of your Oregon license is pending. Here’s why: If the Oregon investigation results in professional discipline on your Oregon nursing license, you may face a mirror image investigation and discipline in all other states in which you are licensed, even if your license in another state is new and you have never practiced nursing in the new state. So, unless a nursing job is guaranteed and a move to the new state is necessary, it may be preferable to delay new license applications to avoid a new out-of-state investigation. A competent nurse licensing lawyer can help you analyze the risks and benefits.

If you need to defend your Oregon nursing license, lawyer Eli Stutsman may be able to help.