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Should I waive my right to a hearing with the Oregon State Board of Nursing?

The answer to this common question is that most of the time nurses will eventually waive their right to a hearing before the Oregon Board of Nursing, as part of a larger settlement agreement. This does not mean, however, that your decision to settle your case should be made lightly, or without the advice of skilled Oregon licensure counsel.

The decision to waive your right to a hearing is one of the more important decisions you will make. If professional discipline is imposed, it will have lasting consequences. Your right to a hearing is your safety net against an unfair resolution. Your right to a hearing preserves your opportunity to have your case decided by an neutral and independent Administrative law Judge (ALJ). And finally, because both sides generally prefer to avoid a hearing, your right to a hearing is also one of your bargaining chips.

This point is key: waiving your right to a hearing is part of a settlement, but you should not waive any of your rights until you and your Oregon licensure lawyer are satisfied that you have reached a fair settlement. If you are facing an investigation by the Oregon Board of Nursing, consult an Oregon licensure lawyer immediately.